Civil Funerals by Patricia Wojnar



Interment in a family grave or placing the urn of ashes in a Columbarium wall is a very important occasion for a family. A short and meaningful service can make this sad and difficult occasion a little easier.


Some families may choose to bury their loved one after a service in their home, the funeral home or the crematorium or in their church. I can help you create and will lead, on your behalf, a meaningful service to make this occasion special.

Memorial Services.

A number of weeks, months or even years some families choose to hold a memorial service for a loved one, this poignant commemoration can be a very healing experience. 

In the event of a loved one donating their body to medical science a memorial service can be held instead of a funeral service, or some years later, on the return of the body, a private burial or cremation service can be held.

Pledging, renewal of marriage vows.

Many couples hold a private legal service with a registrar and follow up with a pledging service in the company of their family and friends. Together we can create a wonderfully meaningful service which incorporates all those special and significant words and rituals which contribute to lovely occasion. We can also facilitate the signing of the legal register in the presence of a registrar.  

Couples who wish to renew their marriage vows can create a lovely ceremony to reflect those years since their wedding and the actual wedding ceremony itself.

Baby Naming.

Baby Naming, Baby Blessing, incorporating all the good fairy wishes you want for your baby! We will create a lovely, memorable ceremony.